Practical Solutions, but How?

At Pheno-Inspect, we aim to revolutionize phenotyping through the use of modern image-processing technologies. Our method combines high-resolution drone technology and advanced AI algorithms to overcome traditional, labor-intensive approaches to plant evaluation. This allows for efficient and precise analysis of plant stocks, opening up new dimensions of data capture and analysis.

An essential aspect of our innovation is the accessibility and practicality for today’s farmers and field practitioners. With the availability of cost-effective drones and smartphones, users can capture relevant image data themselves. Our role is to provide the necessary tools to transform this data into valuable information. We offer a platform where complex data is analyzed and transformed into valuable insights about plant health, growth patterns, and potential stress factors.

Our solutions are designed to enable users to practice more efficient and data-supported agriculture. Through Pheno-Inspect, farmers and agricultural experts are empowered to make data-based decisions founded on thorough and precise analysis. We are proud to be at the forefront of this technological revolution, leading agriculture into a new era of efficiency and sustainability.

At Pheno-Inspect, we are driven by the belief that the future of agriculture lies in the intelligent application of technology. We are pioneers in providing state-of-the-art technology for a more sustainable and productive agricultural future. Our passion for innovation and progress inspires us to equip plant breeding, research, and production with new possibilities through Artificial Intelligence and computer image processing. Our conviction is based on the observation of rapid technological progress globally. AI technology continues to evolve and will increasingly be able to handle both simple and complex tasks, including plant phenotyping. We are also witnessing rapid developments in drone and camera technology and computing power, which are becoming more affordable and user-friendly.

Therefore, we firmly believe that the observation and evaluation of plants should be conducted through modern image-processing technologies. Our goal is to enhance plant breeding and production with a new level of data and quality to actively participate in shaping a new era of agriculture. At the same time, we aim to relieve industry experts from these tasks and free them up for new challenges. Pheno-Inspect is committed to leading in the agrotechnology revolution and ushering in a new era of precision and efficiency in agriculture. We are convinced that our work has a transformative power to strengthen and enrich the agricultural sector sustainably for future generations.

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Pheno-Inspect offers a new generation of agricultural technology solutions. Our self-optimizing software continuously learns and achieves a level of quality and precision in capturing plant parameters that were previously unreachable. We are setting new standards in the precise monitoring and assessment of plants, going far beyond the capabilities of traditional methods. Our goal is to drive the AgTech revolution forward, reducing the complexity of plant phenotyping and increasing the efficiency and accuracy of plant monitoring. We are committed to making the latest computer vision technologies accessible to the agricultural industry worldwide, contributing to a sustainable and productive future.

AI-based database & model interaction: Our platform leverages artificial intelligence to create a dynamic interface between databases and machine learning models. This advanced interaction allows our systems to continuously learn from data and self-improve, ensuring constant performance optimization. High degree of automation: Automating many processes reduces the need for manual interventions. This increases the efficiency of model creation and maintenance, leading to faster and more precise plant analysis. Web interface and API integration: Our user-friendly web interface makes deploying and developing models simple and accessible. Users can efficiently utilize, customize, and control models or integrate them seamlessly into existing data processing workflows via API integration.

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