Targeted Centimeter-Level Weed Control

At Pheno-Inspect, we are driven by the vision that future-oriented agriculture represents a harmonious symbiosis of nature and technology. Our deep understanding of the challenges facing modern agriculture has inspired us to create a solution that increases economic efficiency and promotes sustainable environmental practices. Targeted weed control is a crucial issue here: by precisely deploying herbicides, we can reduce the use of plant protection products, protect biodiversity, and thus contribute to more environmentally conscious agricultural production.

Our approach is based on state-of-the-art drone technologies, enabling every farmer to map weeds on their fields with high precision and without significant financial outlay. Our innovative image-processing technologies utilize AI algorithms to provide reliable data even under challenging conditions. The simple capture of image data in the field and the straightforward upload to our cloud platform enable fully automated processing up to the precise application map. This allows for targeted herbicide application and promotes efficient and data-supported agricultural practices.

Pheno-Inspect offers a new generation of weed mapping at the centimeter level. With our technology, farmers can treat weeds specifically before harvest and directly in the field – this applies to both Green on Brown and Green on Green methods. We significantly reduce chemical use by precisely and selectively applying herbicides only where needed. This protects the environment, promotes sustainability, and helps farmers make their operations more economically efficient. With Pheno-Inspect, we equip farmers with the tools they need to be successful in a new era of intelligent agriculture.

The traditional widespread application of herbicides is becoming outdated. European regulations aimed at reducing the use of plant protection products compel us to seek new approaches. This is where \”Green on Brown\” comes into play: a method that allows herbicides to be applied only where they are genuinely needed – on the green weeds that stand out from the brown, uncultivated soil.

What is Green on Brown?

Green on Brown refers to the targeted application of herbicides in areas where the crops have not yet emerged or have already been harvested. Pheno-Inspect’s drone technology makes it possible to identify and treat weeds precisely. This method significantly reduces the use of herbicides, saves costs, and protects the environment.

The Benefits of Targeted Herbicide Spraying

By using Green on Brown, we can:

  1. Significantly reduce the use of herbicides, thus contributing to environmental protection.
  2. Save costs due to the reduced consumption of plant protection products.
  3. Improve the efficiency of agricultural practices through data-based decision-making.

Challenges and Solutions

Our AI-supported models specialize in identifying vegetation, even under challenging conditions such as inhomogeneous lighting or varying soil characteristics. Pheno-Inspect makes uploading image data to our user-friendly platform after collection easy. Our algorithms process these data into orthomosaics and vegetation maps, which then serve as the basis for application maps for site-specific applications of the agents in the field. Depending on the manufacturer, sprayer, and part width, vegetation maps can be converted into the format that allows optimal detection implementation in the field.

The Green on Brown method is a cornerstone of modern weed management and a shining example of how precision agriculture transforms farming. With Pheno-Inspect, farmers can fully exploit the advantages of this technology, thereby steering agriculture into a new era of sustainability and efficiency.

The advanced Green-on-Green technology of Pheno-Inspect marks a revolutionary advancement in sustainable agriculture. By utilizing modern AI-driven image processing systems, it is now possible to precisely identify and treat weeds within crop stands. This allows for targeted herbicide application at any stage of plant growth, even after the emergence of the crop or after canopy closure.

Efficient weed control even in late growth stages.

Thanks to the advanced AI models of Pheno-Inspect, farmers can effectively combat weeds even in the late growth stages of crops. This technology allows for targeted weed control after the emergence of the crop plants or even in dense stands. This precise application minimizes herbicide use while maximizing the effectiveness of weed control.

Sustainability and Cost Efficiency through Targeted Herbicide Application.

The AI-based Green-on-Green technology contributes significantly to more sustainable and cost-efficient agriculture. By treating only the areas actually affected by weeds, herbicide use and the associated costs are significantly reduced. At the same time, this method protects the environment and promotes the health and productivity of the crops, ultimately leading to a sustainable increase in agricultural yields.

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