At Pheno-Inspect, we use advanced drone technology for spot checks to ensure high-precision monitoring of agricultural land. Our method of targeted image capture makes it possible to gather detailed and accurate information about every part of the field. These spot checks are an integral part of modern precision agriculture and offer numerous benefits.

The high-resolution images captured by drones are processed on our powerful platform. This is where our diverse, specialized AI models, developed for different use cases in agriculture, come into play. These models are capable of analyzing a wide range of relevant data points – from identifying different weed species to precise individual plant detection and row analysis. The flexibility of our AI models makes it possible to offer customized solutions for a wide range of challenges in agricultural research and agricultural practice.

The advantages of this technology are diverse:

  • High-precision data: The detailed information obtained from our spot checks provides a comprehensive overview of the condition of the field. This data supports the early detection and treatment of problems.
  • Efficient monitoring: Our method enables targeted and efficient data collection. This saves time and resources and makes it easier to monitor large agricultural areas.
  • Data-based decision making: The precise information we provide is crucial for optimizing agricultural practices. It enables data-based decisions that contribute to increased yields and sustainable farming.

Digital assessments play a crucial role in modern agriculture and plant research. They enable precise and efficient assessment of plants and field trials, which are essential for seed and variety development, crop protection, and fertilization strategies. Traditional methods of plant evaluation are often time-consuming and labor-intensive and can only provide limited amounts of data. This is where digitalization offers groundbreaking progress. With technologies such as drones, smartphones and advanced image processing based on artificial intelligence, each plant can be captured and assessed individually. This enables a comprehensive and precise analysis of large field areas and thus significantly improves the quality and informative value of field trials.

The use of digital assessments has several advantages: it increases efficiency by automating data collection, increases the accuracy of the data, and enables a georeferenced and detailed evaluation of test plots. These techniques can be applied to various crops and issues and open up new possibilities in plant research and agriculture. Our web-based solution for the automatic evaluation of exact and strip trials is an example of the power of digital scoring. It offers a user-friendly, integrated platform seamlessly integrated into existing workflows and enables comprehensive analyses across different locations and points in time. With digital scoring, we drive plant research and agriculture innovation to develop more sustainable and efficient cultivation strategies.

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