Webinar: Next-Level Phenotyping With Pheno-Inspect

Pheno-Inspect GmbH is proud to offer an insightful webinar where we showcase the capabilities of our processing software to tackle current challenges in field phenotyping. Our software provides innovative solutions for farmers, plant breeders, and researchers who have to deal with the daily challenges of plant phenotyping.

In the webinar recording, we cover topics in the area of UAV-based field phenotyping, including:

  • Counting plants, ears, fruits, object counting, and sizing
  • Multi-species weed mapping
  • Disease assessment

Our processing software allows for capturing and analyzing detailed information about plants and their environment. We can conduct precise and efficient analyses of plant populations and agricultural areas using UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) to capture high-resolution RGB and multispectral images.

Automated counting of plants, ears, and fruits helps farmers and breeders optimize their yields and minimize resource use. Multi-species weed mapping enables the effective detection of weed infestations and the implementation of targeted control measures. Disease assessment through our software supports the early detection of plant diseases, allowing farmers to take preventive or therapeutic measures promptly.

We invite you to watch the webinar to learn more about the powerful features of Pheno-Inspect processing software and how it can help you make your plant phenotyping more efficient and effective.

Be sure to visit our homepage regularly to stay up-to-date and learn more about the latest developments at PhenoInspect GmbH and our innovative agriculture and plant breeding solutions.

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